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Banish the gloom: 9 Tips on how to brighten up your home this monsoon


The monsoons are nearly here and while that means a relief from the stifling heat and unrelenting humidity, it also means overcast days, constant rain and an overall sense of gloom. While we can’t do much about the weather outside, we can play around with the decor to make our home a cheerful and cosy cocoon from the outside gloom. All it takes are a few small changes and you can enjoy a home that’s bright, welcoming and comfortable without breaking the bank and depleting your budget. And let’s face it, there is nothing more comforting than sipping chai and nibbling fried munchies, snug in your home while the rain keeps pouring outside, is there? So without much ado, here are our top 9 tips to brighten up your home this monsoon:

#1: Load up on home fragrances like a boss.

Candles, reed diffusers, plug-ins and the works, the array of home fragrance products is mind-boggling indeed! Some home fragrances like citronella also act as natural mosquito repellents so you can indulge your senses and be free of pests! And if you think that’s the whole of it, you’re in for a surprise! A good home fragrance will also get rid of the musty odour that permeates homes during the rainy season. While our choice of fragrance to counteract the gloomy weather is citrusy, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to making your choice! Rose and jasmine set the mood for a monsoon romance while lavender, lemongrass and bergamot give your space a calm and relaxing feel, the perfect remedy to the unending traffic jams that the rains bring. Dreaming of being alone in a mountain cabin surrounded by pines? Break out the balsam fir fragrance! Pick, choose and mix ‘em up and let your nose guide you.

#2: Set up a stunning umbrella stand for your drippy umbrellas.

Come monsoons and umbrellas are one’s best friend. Set a vase, basket or even a bucket by your door so that your new best friend can be put away safely without dripping all over your home. Go with a polished brass bucket if you feel truly fancy or a cheerfully coloured steel one. You can also custom-make one by painting and repurposing a flower pot. A clay one would be best as it will absorb the excess water. Remember to cover the hole at the bottom with decorative stones and gravel and place a plant saucer beneath to prevent the water from leaking out and flooding your home. Bonus: Skip the boring black and choose a fun and cheerful colour for your umbrella. It will not only make trudging through the unending puddles a little bit more bearable but also makes a cheerful accent for your home!

#3: Skip the heavy drapes for lighter ones.

Cloudy outdoors results in gloomy indoors, and the matter can be exacerbated by thick and heavy drapes. Can’t place where the strangely musty smell is coming from? Your curtains could be the culprit! Heavy fabrics like jacquard and velvet tend to trap the ambient moisture and give rise to the mustiness that can overshadow even the most stylish decor. So leave the heavy fabrics for winter and switch to gauzy lace and sheer curtains instead. The thin fabric will allow the weak sunlight to filter in and transform your space from dark and musty to bright and cheery. Pro-tip: Go with vibrant yet light shades for maximum illumination.

#4: Colour play for a brighter home.

Colours play a huge role in influencing our psyche, after all how many horror movies do you see taking place in a light and cheerful space? So while the weather outside may be frightful, there is no reason your interiors cannot be delightful! And no, we don’t mean massive projects like switching up your wall paint! Just small touches, like a brightly coloured rug or cushion covers or even a lampshade, can do wonders. Even adding some interesting wall art can transform your space and give it a refreshing contrast from the bleak outdoors. Experiment with colour blocking and interesting decor accents for a home that exudes joy and positivity.

#5: Illuminate your home with the right light.

Monsoons not only means overcast skies, it also means the end of the long golden days of summer when the days never seemed to end. The days start becoming shorter and darker, shadows gather in your home and the atmosphere becomes gloomy, making lighting a vital component in the overall scheme of things. Place floor or table lamps in dark corners to banish the darkness and add peripheral light to your rooms. Even floating candles in an urli works! Set a romantic mood by lighting up scented candles or give the harsh white light of your regular bulbs a miss for a more cosy atmosphere with Edison bulbs. Finding the right mood for your home is just a matter of playing around with the lighting to find one that works for you.

#6: Chime in with wind chimes.

We may not notice it but sound has a great influence on our mood too. The gentle pitter-patter of pouring rain soothes and refreshes our souls after the harsh summers, and adding the gentle tinkling of wind chimes only serves to enhance the overall effect. Choose one from the large variety available in the market or get your family involved in a fun project by making one out of the bits and bobs hanging about your house.

#7: Brighten up your indoors by bringing in the outdoors.

This is by far the easiest way to cheer up your decor and it doesn’t even need to be fancy! A few brightly coloured gerbera daisies in an old wine bottle works just as well as a bunch of exquisite roses in a crystal vase. Make the most of the monsoon’s bounty by floating tender jasmine blooms in an urli or add leafy plants to replicate the lush outdoors in your living room. Plants and flowers are a surefire way to add oodles of happiness and cheer to your home!. After all, who doesn’t like flowers? Bonus tip: Leafy plants act as natural air fresheners so you can get rid of the musty odour while adding a touch of soothing greenery to your home!

#8: Add a welcoming touch.

Doormats are your first defence against the muck and mud of the outdoors. Opt for traditional coir or jute for a traditional look or a quirky rubber printed mat to give your entryway a cheerful look, a welcome sight after trudging through puddles and mud all day!

#9: Monsoon proof your home.

While changing up your home decor is a great way to make your home welcoming and cheerful, remember to monsoon-proof your home as well to make it truly comfortable. This means, identifying and repairing any leaks and cracks, because nothing is more depressing than a leaking ceiling, and checking all your electronics for frayed and exposed wires to prevent life-threatening electric shocks. Replace all old and malfunctioning switchboards with safe, new ones that match your decor, to ensure safety while operating electrical appliances, this is crucial during the monsoons as the added moisture in the air can lead to short-circuits and power failures.

As you can see, giving your home a refreshing monsoon makeover just needs your imagination, not your bank balance. So go out there and banish the gloominess to add joy, positivity and
vibrancy to your home this monsoon!


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