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Miracle In Your Backyard: 8 Backyard Remodelling Tips To Die For!

Having a backyard is a transformative experience. The opportunity to step out of one’s home onto the fresh grass and into the bright sunlight is not something to be taken for granted in this day and age when spaces are at a premium. Leaving it untended can be an unfortunate waste of the wonderful space. Whether it is a handkerchief-sized plot or a lawn big enough to get lost in, here are a few things you can do to make your backyard a serene haven.

#1 Personalise your plants: Plant walls are passé. The latest trend in planting is a DIY monogram planter. Fill them with the blooms or succulents of your choice and string a few lights and voila! A cheerful addition to your backyard!

#2 Pergola tales: Most people labour under the misconception that one needs a football ground sized backyard for a pergola, while this is far from the truth. Even a mid-sized backyard can accommodate a pergola as long as you know how to size it. A pergola adds a touch of romance to your backyard and is a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while basking in the sunlight.

#3 Play time: A backyard is a blessing for those with kids, the space offers the young ones to be themselves and play to their heart’s content with any fear of speeding vehicles or strangers. Make your backyard a haven for them by incorporating a wonderful playhouse for them.

#4 Illuminate your space: Have a lovely trailing path in your backyard? Line its sides with gravel and rope lights to add a touch of romance to your night time strolls. Hang a few string lights from a tree to give it a wonderful aura. Repurpose old wine bottles to create lanterns or tiki torches to create a beauteous atmosphere.
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#5 Find a purpose: That steel bucket with a hole in the bottom, the old milk can or just teacups with a handle missing, all these can come together to create colourful and beautiful planters for your backyard.

#6 Don’t lose your marbles: Repurpose them to create a colourful fence instead! Drill holes in your fence, glue in your old marbles and transform your backyard into a colourful wonderland!

#7 Hammock time: One can’t go wrong with a classic hammock. Tie one in your backyard for a lovely space to snooze on a Sunday afternoon or just a place to laze around and enjoy the clouds pass by.

#8 Frame those herbs: Use metal baskets or buckets from frames to grow your herbs to prettify your backyard and add flavour to your food too! Pick and choose your herbs of choice to grow and you’ll never have to run to the store to buy some again!

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