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5 Home Office Design Styles To Match Your Design Aesthetic

Home offices are going beyond the simple desk in a corner of the room to full-fledged spaces with their own design aesthetics. However, choosing a design style can be chal-lenging if one is not aware of the different styles and what they comprise. The best way to go about things is by sticking with a decor that speaks to your aesthetic personality. Need help? Here’s a handy decoder of the 5 most popular styles you can select for your home office on the basis of your aesthetic sense.

Minimalistic: For those who feel that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, the minimal-ist style is the ideal way to go. Also known as the modern style, the minimalist office values simplicity above all. Spare furniture, colours and patterns are the trademarks of this style. Minimalism is a great idea if you have a small space as its clutter-free and stark aesthetics make the space appear larger. Investing in products like desk grommets can get rid of visible wires and cords thus helping you achieve the less is more outlook.

Classic: You simply can’t go wrong with the classics. Ideal for those who like to keep things traditional, this is the style that immediately comes to our mind when we think of offices. Think heavy wooden desks, leather chairs and wooden panelling. Classic offices are marked by their use of shades like brown, beige or walnut and the idea is to create a formal and solemn environment, ideal for serious work. The use of brass accents like penholders and organisers perfectly complement the aesthetic and prevent it from looking too gloomy.

Traditional: If you enjoy the wooden aesthetic of the classic style but are not too fond of the darker shades, then opting for a traditional style home office is the best way to go. While this style borrows from the classic style, it is much lighter in terms of aesthetics. It utilises the wooden elements of the previous style while forgoing the heavier elements. Shades in the traditional style tend to be along the lines of brown, blue, or red along with a variation of their hues. This is ideal for those who like a homey yet work friendly environment. Incorporating plants and artwork into this space lightens it up and prevents it from looking too formal.

Contemporary: Not to be mistaken with minimalism, the contemporary style borrows heavily from the classic as well as modern to create a unique aesthetic of its own. For those who value line and form and put an emphasis on natural light and ventilation, this decor style is the way to go. The aesthetic does not depend on accessories is reliant on neutral shades like brown, grey and teal. One is more likely to encounter the use of bam-boo, concrete and ceramic elements in this office.

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